What is Acne Cosmetica?

Contrary to popular belief, your bank account does not have to hurt during your battle against acne. We all understand that acne takes different types according to cause and severity. These factors then would be the basis of what acne treatment to use. Extensive research has been done by many skin care companies to further address different types of acne on different types of skin. People, especially women who suffer from acne just needs to be extra mindful of the products they use on their skin; like makeup. For all you know, the products advertised as the one to give clear smooth skin may cause irritation to it and actually damage your skin.

Acne cosmetica is loosely defined as the acne you can get from or is caused by acne.Well, honestly, makeup does not directly cause acne. Acne is sebum or oil, dead skin cells and possibly other waste particles clogging up the pores.It gets sworse however if you usae the kind of makeup that clog your pores even more. Visit acne sites for more info.

Some people might actually be only wearing makeup to conceal their current skin condition. Even if you have a pimple-pocked face, when you apply foundation, highlighters, contour,blushes and concealers could actually give the illusion that you have a clear, smooth skin.

Acne cosmetica is generally mild. However, those with sensitive skin should be more careful with their makeup. Makeup can cause minor irritation characterized by itching and redness but it can also cause serious allergies where your skin would itch, swell and form blisters. What brings about this irritation are actually added ingredients like preservatives and fragrances present in the makeup. To avoid this, one should carefully choose the makeup she will be using. Always look for fragrance-free, oil-free, non comedogenic or hypoallergenic high quality makeup.

Also, do not layer up other types of products on top of make up or put makeup on top of a topical acne treatment for example. In short, stack up as less products as possible. If you think that your acne is getting worse and worse after using a certain product, go find a different product. Do a little research to find out what brand fit your needs. Finding the right, high quality makeup plus a thorough daily cleansing routine would mean acne-free, beautiful looking skin.

Choose your makeup wisely and always maintain a good skin care routine. With this in mind you can get rid of acne.

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